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We create your own custom environments for Spatial

For events, galleries, virtual offices and more!

How it works

About BizVerso

We build custom virtual spaces that are sustainable, reusable and globally accessible via a browser, mobile phones or VR glasses. Connect with your customers at immersive events, conferences, product launches or team meetings.


Planning the environment according to the objectives of the briefing

Environment Creation

Creation of the environment in Unity, already 100% aligned with the project planning and Spatial requirements

Uploading and final tests

We upload the environment, test the usability, lighting and validate with you that it complies with the project planning.

The creation process in 10 steps

1. Briefing Meeting (free – book now!)
2. Proposal presentation meeting (free)
3. Contract signature
4. Search for visual references exploration sketches
5. Blue print validation
6. 3D modeling of the environment
7. Environment texturing
8. Final assembly of the environment on the platform
9. Final presentation meeting
10. Your space is ready for you customers!


Why Use

It’s simple. It’s easy to use and it’s stable! It works on mobile devices, on desktops and on Meta Quest.

ARE you tired of Spatial’s default templates?

See how we can help you!

Success Story: Angra Tech in the Metaverse

We created a room at Metaverso for Angra Tech participants, an event on entrepreneurship, innovation and technology promoted by the city of Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro.

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